My name is Tionna Nicoli and I am a high-end interior decorator focused on bringing your dream home vision to life. I strongly believe in creating unique experiences for every client I work with and leaning in with authenticity and care for the small details. Prior to starting my design company, Interiors By T, I worked for a wide range of companies in interior design and consulting. My favourite projects were always selecting and matching colour palettes for renovation projects. I wanted to be part of every single detail, whether big or small, and I always found it important to see the entire vision through to the very end.

The idea to create a wallpaper line started in my own home, where little hands were spilling gosh knows what on my walls and I couldn't find a product that could hold up like I dreamed it would. I wanted to create wallpaper for others out there who wanted to find the balance between their dream decor and a practical home. Something that was durable, water-resistant, and delivered the high-quality I was searching for. So, I took the first step and began working with other designers and specialists who could make this vision come to life.

Wallpapers By T features the most innovative, high-quality wallpaper products in the industry that function exactly the way you dreamed wallpaper could. Our collection can be used for both commercial and residential application and was created with the ability to peel off without any damage to your walls. Our wallpaper is dent and scuff proof and thick enough to hide small wall imperfections. These products are tried and true and can withstand life in a busy home. There are many more important things in life to worry about, wallpaper should not be one!

I’m so excited to provide you with this product line and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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